How Bellsouth can be setup on android?, How Bellsouth can be setup on android?
22 апреля 2021 15:24
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If you wnat to setup Bellsouth Email Account on your android phone then follow these steps-

1- Open Mail application from your Android device.

2- Enter your BellSouth Email credentials such as username and password and then tap on Manual Setup.

3- Select the Setting of the Account, it is recommended to select IMAP. Email Server Settings page will appear and in the section of username and password, enter your BellSouth credentials. Move to the Incoming Mail Server and enter ‘imap.mail.att.net’ and keep the port number as 993. Make sure to select the Security type as SSL.

4- After filling all such details, tap on Next button.

5- Outgoing Mail Server settings page will appear on your screen and in the server name, enter ‘smtp.mail.att.net’ and keep the port number as 465. Here also you will find the Security type, keep it as SSL.

6- Click on Next button to proceed further.

7 You will get an option of ‘Email check frequency’ you can keep it as 15 minutes or other, the choice depends upon you.

8- Click ‘Done’

For more information:

Bellsouth Email Log In | Bellsouth Mail Login
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